The City of Tomah uses automated carts for recycling collection.  One cart will be issued to each city-serviced property; the gray cart is only to be used for recycling.  The carts have an identification number and are to remain at the address they were assigned.  Any replacement carts will be at the expense of the property owner.  The carts have a ten year warranty; please contact us for information regarding the warranty coverage.    

Do NOT place recyclables in bags; all items must be placed loosely in the cart.  The City of Tomah utilizes a single-stream recycling system.

Cart must be out by 7:00 AM on day of collection.

Please refer to the Monroe County flyer for preparations and acceptable recyclables. 

Placement Guidelines


  • The arrows on the lid should point toward the alley/curb line 
  • The cart needs to be at least 3 feet away from any fixed objects, such as mailboxes, trees, streetlights or parked cars and must have a three foot gap between the carts


  • Cart is not placed out correctly
  • Recycling is placed outside the cart or in a different container
  • Cart is overflowing; lid does not close
  • Cart was placed on a snow bank; must be place on a level spot on the boulevard or on your driveway



  • Clearing snow after each snowfall will make it easier to move your cart to its collection point
  • Clear a path from your storage location to your collection point
  • Clear a path at your collection point so cart sits flat
  • Carts will NOT be collected if placed on a snow bank





FURNITURE: Will be picked up with your regular garbage throughout the month on your regular garbage day.

Branch Pickup:  Branch pick up is scheduled for the 1st FULL week of each month.  Branches can be hauled to compost site by Bloyer Field at any time.  

YARD WASTE:  Yard waste can be hauled to the compost site by Bloyer Field (Branches, grass, leaves, hedge trimmings, garden waste).

LEAVES: The City of Tomah provides a leaf vacuuming service that usually begins the second week of October.  The vacuum will make four passes by each residence during the pickup period.  Due to the mature trees in our City, it may take up to seven weeks, or more, to complete the four passes.  It is not guaranteed that the leaf pick up will extend this long, so it is up to each resident to make sure leaves are in place before the pickup period is concluded.  The City may have to alter the schedule due to weather, equipment failure or resource limitations.  Delays may occur, so your patience is appreciated.  

Procedure:  Rake your leaves into a large pile and place in the boulevard area before 7:00 AM.  No twigs, garden waste, garbage, etc.  LEAVES ONLY!  Leaves must be placed in the grass area next to the curb, NOT in the street, gutter, driveway, sidewalk, alleyway or behind parked cars.  If they are placed in any of these locations, they will not be vacuumed.  Leaves placed in plastic bags will not be picked up.  

If we receive two or more inches of snow, the leaf vacuuming service will cease.  If this occurs, you may utilize the compost site.  


USED MOTOR OIL: The City does not accept used motor oil. Private arrangements must be made with an authorized business to properly dispose of used oil. Peardot Salvage, Lee Wildes Transmission, and Wal-Mart Auto Center are some of the businesses that may accept used motor oil. Please call ahead to make arrangements.



Major appliance are defined as:  




Clothes washer & dryer


Air Conditioners



Water Heaters


Items will be picked up on your regular garbage day.


The City of Tomah WILL NOT pick up:

Construction Materials:  Roofing materials, doors, bathtubs, shower enclosures, windows, sheetrock, brick, concrete, asphalt, kitchen cabinets, tarps, etc.  Please contact the Monroe County Landfill (608-269-8783) for details on how to dispose of these items. 

Hazardous Material:  Cleaners, solvents, gasoline, oil or other toxic, corrosive, explosive, or highly combustible materials may not be placed in the regular trash.  Please contact the Monroe County Landfill at 608-269-8783 for details on how to dispose of these items.  

Vehicle Parts:  Vehicle parts and other metal weighing 10 pounds or more will not be collected.  These items should be taken to a salvage yard.  

It is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to place, deposit, or cause to be deposited, for collection by the City or the City's contractor, any waste or refuse not generated within the limits of the City of Tomah.

If there are any questions please contact the City of Tomah Public Works Department at 374-7430.